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Update: 2020.08.11

I have become too busy to care about this hoax crap anymore. It seems like all of the important videos are now winding up on banned.video anyway. I suggest you look there for the most up-to-date info. Any future updates to this website will be to either pull it down or to remove content, but I will probably just leave it alone for now anyway. Path of least resistance and all that.

Update: 2020.07.21

Masks are ineffective in preventing the spread of infectious disease, according to this CDC-published peer-reviewed scientific study. Download a copy for yourself. Print it out. Give a copy to any mask nazi that you know, and tell them to mind their own fucking business please.

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Update: 2020.07.10

Sing Along Everyone!

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This one says to download and repost, so I did....

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Update: 2020.07.02

The reason you should know the name "Kary Mullis":


PDF format for downloading/saving

Update: 2020.06.28

Dr. Bush FTW, once again.

Zach Bush on COVID 19, glyphosate, and the nature of viruses

Update: 2020.06.20

More Icke I suppose....


...or kill me.

Update: 2020.05.27

A new favorite, Dr. Bush gets to the heart of the issue better than anyone else.

Dr. Zach Bush about COVID 19. Full interview.webm

Dr. Buttar leads a panel of 165 MDs on all the relevant topics, a must-hear for those that believe only MDs


And a few more videos:


Update: 2020.05.21


Plus, a few more videos that just came in:

IT'S A MASSIVE RITUAL (mirrored).mp4

This is all "for the children":


Have I said "Fuck Microsoft" lately?

666 _ Microsoft Cryptocurrency Patent _ Marina Abramovic Ad.mp4

Covidiocracy 2020:


"Bill Gates could not keep viruses out of Windows, what makes you think he could keep them out of human beings?" - Dr. Buttar:

Say No To Bill Gates.mp4

I vote for this guy for president:

Sheriff's Begin Resisting Tyrannical Government.mp4

This one is long:


Update: 2020.05.12

Here's a good one, probably got banned somewhere by now, and is on topic about false virus reports.

The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid 19 - Plandemic (Was Covid-19 a plan).mp4


Update: 2020.05.08

At this point, I am just posting things that are being banned elsewhere. Since I cannot use this server to host Slackware-related files, I will just use it to dump "banned" interviews. Fuck it.






Update: 2020.05.02

'Tis the season for false positives, I suppose. Now all of my incoming email messages land in a SPAM box I have no control over, rendering that email account useless.

I am now officially over it. I am pretty sure I can do everything I am now doing on Namecheap over at Disroot.org. I will have a presence there in the near future. Stay tuned for that.

For now, just watch some TV:


Update: 2020.04.16

Now it is apparent that Namecheap Shared Hosting uses overly aggressive and/or outdated virus definitions. Now I am getting multiple false positives on files that have been there for years:

'ClamAV detected virus = [YARA.php_malware_hexinject.UNOFFICIAL]':    /home/username/public_html/slackwarearm-current/slackware/n/openssl10-1.0.2u-arm-1.txz
'ClamAV detected virus = [YARA.php_malware_hexinject.UNOFFICIAL]':    /home/username/public_html/freenix/mirror/fxp/freeslack64-14.2/fxp/puddletag-1.2.0-x86_64-1_FXP.tgz
'ClamAV detected virus = [{HEX}exp.linux.setuid.7.UNOFFICIAL]':    /home/username/public_html/freenix/mirror/fxp/freeslack64-14.2/source/ap/cgmanager/cgmanager-0.39.tar.xz
'ClamAV detected virus = [YARA.php_malware_hexinject.UNOFFICIAL]':    /home/username/public_html/freenix/mirror/fxp/freeslack64-14.2/patches/packages/openssl-1.0.2u-x86_64-1_slack14.2.txz
'ClamAV detected virus = [YARA.php_malware_hexinject.UNOFFICIAL]':    /home/username/public_html/freenix/mirror/fxp/freeslack64-14.2/source/l/gnome-keyring/gnome-keyring-3.16.0.tar.xz

I guess I might have to shut down these mirrors sooner than I thought. I will give their tech support one more chance. I knew this was going to get worse. Some of those files are old! In particular, that source package for cgmanager, that was not updated recently, was it? No, that file was last changed in 2015. And all of the sudden NOW it is a virus. And there you have it.

My best advice: Namecheap might be okay for domains, but their hosting is only good for WordPress and not much else, even if you have a Premium plan. You will be subjected to this same bone-headed level of service. Just save yourself the headache, host somewhere else.

Update: 2020.04.12

I am very sad to report that the Freenix and SlackwareARM mirrors will be going away eventually. Hopefully I can find a new home for them one day. So far, I do not see any alternative hosting providers that have better terms of service and/or better prices. So, alas, the time has come to start shutting this site down. So long folks, it has been fun. Oh, and if you know of any hosting providers that are distro mirror friendly and know enough to know the difference between a hacked site and a false positive virus scan, then send me an email, I would love to hear about it.

This all started because the file /slarm64-current/slarm64/n/openssl-1.1.1f-aarch64-1.txz was marked as a virus and quarantined. I contacted tech support and they proceeded to tell me that my site had been hacked and gave me a laundry list of ways to prevent malicious uploads. I explained to them that it was a false positive, and that the file was supposed to be there. I even included links to reports of it being a KNOWN false positive. I then ran the suspected file through a VirusTotal, and gave them the link to the clean reports for the specific package as well as the offending header file. Then they went on to ask why I was uploading an SSL file to the server, which already has SSL installed. I had already explained in the original ticket that this is a periodic rsync of a linux distro mirror. They told me that due to the nature of the file, they cannot permanently whitelist the file from their virus scan. So every time the repository is updated, they quarantine this file and send me a nasty letter telling me that my site was hacked and to use better passwords, etc. This does not seem like something worth living with. A fatal flaw, if you will. What is stopping this from happing to another file down the road?

Anyway, besides having customer support technicians that cannot even read the contents of a ticket (as I explained the full story in the first ticket and it took about seven more for them to start to get the story right, and even then I am not sure), this is a fatal policy and a limitation that I cannot comply with. Time to start shopping for alternative hosting providers. I mean, ClamAV, for real? I stopped using that YEARS ago just because of the sheer number of false positives. I remember it would flag parts of the Bitcoin blockchain as viruses, because someone had embedded a virus signature into one of the block headers. The high number of false positives made it hard to tell if I ever actually got a real positive.

This is all very strange for an outfit that hosts mirrors themselves. Go figure, that must be a different department than hosting support, I suppose.

Alas, goodbye NameCheap, it has been fun. This site and the mirrors will struggle along and give hell to the virus scanners for the remainder of 2020, and will most likely not be renewed in 2021. Hopefully I can find a new host by then. I cannot guarantee the integrity of these mirrors. I do not think that files are being tampered with, but I do know that files go missing for no good reason on a regular basis.

In the meantime, I suggest you switch to one of the alternative mirrors ASAP.

keywords: covid coronavirus buttar mikovits tenpenny londonreal icke infowars plandemic showvid-19 saynotobillgates nonewnormal, and for the record: FUCK BILL GATES!, for real.